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Our Services

We design and build your house, office hotel, apartment, condominium, and other kinds of buildings.

We renovate old simple and ordinary buildings with stylish and attractive designs and methods.

Architecture and Structural works

In accordance with our experience in home design, construction and building architecture, our deep understanding brings about the flexibility of works which completely fit each particular customer’s need.

Advancement, stability and pride of PRODEC CENTER rely on customers’ feedback and trust that are realized by service standard, hard work, and professionalism. We appreciate every kind support of our customers who work with us and pass this reliability and trust to others.

We are working hard on personnel abilities, technology and construction standard, along with the state-of-the-art services to make your home the real happiness of your family.

Only the standard materials are selected

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Our Service : Home Plan, Home Design, Home Building, Home Decorations, Garden Landscape, Design Addition Building, Contractor
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